April 7th, 2016

Dear little pea

We’ve had a whirlwind of a week already and not completely in the best way!

Friday 1st was our moving day and it was hectic and tiring. I knew moving house has never been a walk in the park but I did not imagine this time around it would be this hard.

Your grandma and great-grandma came over in the morning, I showed them around and they seem so pleased for us and our new house πŸ˜€ They helped me with cleaning the rooms to make it nice for when your dad and grandad came over with the removal van.
We have so much stuff.
Obviously you cannot unpack everything in a few short days but we still have boxes absolutely everywhere! We still have a few pieces of furniture to buy which won’t happen overnight, so unfortunately some boxes are having to stay put!

Your tired mama on moving day! I enjoyed getting the bed up first thing πŸ˜€

The weekend was the worst and the most boring including cleaning so I won’t even go into detail on that!

Monday was where everything just seemed to go wrong.
We needed to go back to our old house for 10am to have a final inspection and give the keys back. Somehow between Saturday and Monday we had lost a key and I still don’t understand where it went! Having no key cutting shops in our town (of course!), your dad had to travel to the next town to get a new key cut. We had also booked in for the internet to be installed on this day and the technician arrived at 8:45am instead of our booked slot of 1-5pm..so now I had to stay in whilst he finished and was hoping that he would be done in time for us to go back to the old house for 10am!

At this point all seemed well.
The internet man was done in time, we had a freshly cut key and they were happy with everything and how clean we had left the house.

We then had to speak to our new landlord because we had found that our bath was leaking. It had completely soaked the carpet outside and it even got to the point where it started leaking through the floor and came out of the ceiling downstairs into our dining room! We were too scared to even use the shower or bath and I was having a melt down. I put a bucket under the leak and just had to wait until someone could come over. We also found that our internet provider hadn’t sent us the correct equipment so we’re still waiting to be able to use the internet. Oh and also our kitchen light broke too.

I also needed to find out if the previous tenants had cleaned the carpet from their cats as I had been bitten overnight by stray fleas. Don’t get me wrong I love cats but everything was worrying me from catching Toxoplasmosis or anything that might affect little you.

By this point I’d had enough, as any normal person would. I called your grandma in a flood of tears and she came over to help. The next few hours were a blur but things were getting sorted at last.

You don’t realise how much stress can affect you. Even all the little things, they all just build up. Your dad and I turned into monsters and I didn’t even recognise us; it wasn’t nice 😦

By the end of day we were feeling much calmer and relieved. I get worried though that the level of stress affects you and I don’t know what I can do about it. The good thing is that we now have a bath so that definitely helps πŸ˜‰

AND we are now in the second trimester! Hurrah! The first wasn’t much fun but I’m looking forward to this one. We have our second scan booked in for next month and I’m hoping to find out if you are a little boy or little girl πŸ˜€

Love always
(a very tired) mummaxox

You are now the size of a fabulously haired Troll doll and about 3.5inches long. Your immune system has started to develop and you can now squint, frown and suck your thumb! Although your eyes are closed, they can already sense light and you’re making all sorts of facial expressions πŸ˜€



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