March 31st, 2016

Dear little pea,

Easter has been and gone and was lovely whilst it lasted. We were invited over to your grandparent’s house for an Easter lunch with your auntie Kerrie, uncle Richard and cousin Lucas. 

Although being the age we are, every year I still do an Easter Egg hunt for your Dad with lots of clues to where to find them. I’ve always found them so much fun even as a child so why not carry on as adults?! Age means absolutely nothing! He also did them for me this year and we had both made the clues quite tricky but that’s the fun of it! I’m going to carry this on right up until you are big enough to run around the house with us 😀

Today marks a day in our family history as it is the last day and night we are spending at our little cottage.
Although we have been both waiting for this day for what seems like absolutely forever, I did take a moment out to think about this our little home and it made me sad. It’s by far not perfect but I’m definitely going to miss it. It was built around 1880 and used to serve as a stable and coach house for horses! It has a lot of character and it’s just so pretty inside and out. I’m going to miss the old wooden doors and the log burner which made the room feel so cosy in the winter. I’m going to miss the little robins that sit out on the tree in the driveway every morning and sing their little song. I’m going to miss hearing dogs paddle in the stream that goes all the way down the road from our driveway and the beautiful wisteria that grows every summer on the front of the house. 

Without getting too sentimental and negative about moving; there are certainly other things that I definitely won’t miss. I’m not going to miss how cold it is here from the single-glazed windows and old stone walls without insulation. I’m not going to miss the mice in the attic and the countless amount of spiders! I’m not going to miss the poky cubicle shower and tiny box room that they call the second ‘bedroom’. I’m not going to miss how dark it is being at the bottom of a hill in the valley. I’m not going to miss all the damp and mould it creates literally everywhere. We currently have SIX de-humidifiers to battle this problem! I’m also not going to miss that there is no garden and we have to ‘share’ our driveway with the landlord who lives next door (when they have their bloody own!) 

The new house starts a new journey for us, the three of us. I am more excited for that than a stream or a log burner could ever do. 

Until the next update, which will be from the new house…

Love always,
mumma xox

You are currently the size of a large Ladurée macaroon or a clown fish like in Finding Nemo! You weigh around 25grams and are about 3inches long. You’ve started to produce your white blood cells ready for when you arrive which kick starts the development of your immune system.


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