March 2nd, 2016

Dear little pea,

I feel so calm and happy today! (despite currently being at work writing this!)
I’m all caught up on my jobs and it’s nice to just have some down time to relax in between phone calls.

Yesterday I took the afternoon off and the midwife was scheduled to come over to take bloods from me. This has always been a very sensitive, fearful subject and I hated even talking about in case it brought on a seizure. Your grandma Carol came over to help me in case I needed it which was helpful! I made myself a camomile and spiced apple tea to help calm my nerves and was given a numbing cream by the doctor to apply to the test area.

The midwife came, took bloods and I was fine! For the first time in my entire life I did not have a seizure whilst having a blood test! I was still feeling anxious but I couldn’t believe it, I was so proud and happy with myself and it felt great to not fear something as much as I used to. I’m so grateful for the cream because I think that is what made it bearable. I’m still a little in shock but I’m just so thankful that I was able to go through one of my worst fears and come out the other side.. normal!

I was pretty hyper the rest of the afternoon and probably didn’t stop talking! Your grandma and I went for a drive and I showed her where the new house is and had a little look around the area. Your other grandma Angie came over with daddy when they had finished work and I bought everyone tea as a mini celebration of my triumph!

We’ve got the contract now for our new home so all we need to do is sign it this evening, send it back and everything will be done! I don’t know why but I’ve always loved moving house. I think it’s  knowing that it’s a fresh start with new surroundings and new chapter is about to begin for all of us. I’m not a fan of waiting but I’m excited at the thought furnishing the house to make it ours and you have your own room which I am the most excited about getting started on 🙂

I also know I said I wouldn’t buy anything else for you but this was so pretty and it’s practical and was also another second-hand bargain. I really am justifying it for the best reasons! It’s going to be autumn when you arrive so this will be perfect for the colder, wet months and it’s just adorable 😀



I have another 40 minutes until my lunch break and then another 4.5 hours until it’s home time. The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind today and is changing from gale force winds and heavy rain to sunshine and blue sky! The in between Winter-Spring weather is such a weird time of year for the UK!

Love always,
mumma xox


You are now the size of an Eastern tailed-blue butterfly (or a french canapé if you prefer the food option) and about an inch in length. You have grown out of your embryo stage and you’re now officially a foetus. Although not yet fully formed, your essential muscles and body parts are present including your tiny toes! Your kidneys, liver, brain and lungs are all starting to function on their own and you’re also starting to develop taste buds! 

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