February 27th, 2016

Dear little pea,

Today has been the first time I’ve stopped all week! It’s been pretty busy and I’m so tired I just feel like I need to sleep for a month to catch up.

Monday – I went back to work and it wasn’t the most pleasant of days. Hardly anyone spoke to me and I had to endure a “back to work” meeting which is company policy. It would have been fine if I didn’t feel like I was getting attacked by my manager or made to feel guilty that I was unwell and off work. They make you feel like the worst person in the world just for being ill (which  you can’t really control anyway so it’s absolutely ridiculous). I really  just do not understand why it’s so difficult for people to be understanding and polite.

Tuesday – we had our first appointment with the midwife! It took quite a long time but she went through lots of information (no doubt I’ve forgotten most of) and  gave us lots of booklets and information packs to read through. I found it all quite overwhelming and a lot of things scared me. She went through all the screening tests I could have for various diseases and it really just deflated me. I hated the thought of feeling like this should be something I should worry about or be scared of and it totally brought my mood down; like the past few weeks of excitement was superficial because I didn’t know what I should expect. All of the information packs were less than upbeat and just made me feel terrible. They put so much worry into your head to make you feel like you need all these scary tests and it’s really upsetting 😦

Well enough about that. 

In the evening we went to look at another house that looked quite nice from the advertisement. However we were both pretty disappointed because it was a bit too small, dirty and we wouldn’t have been allowed to change anything to make it our own so that was an automatic no.

Wednesday – in the evening we saw another house that seemed just about right! It felt relieving that we had finally found somewhere after ages of searching. To be completely honest I’m not 100% in love with it as I’m quite picky about a few things but I’d rather we went for it and it was comfortable, safe and has everything we need than not and regret it later. I want to be fully settled to start organising without worry.
It’s in a nice, quiet area, has enough space for amenities, has a garage for dad (eye roll 😉 ) a lovely little garden and a bath tub which I’m very excited about! We’ve never had a garden before and I’m looking forward to the summer to be able to sit on the grass, read a book, have a picnic and invite people over for evening barbecues! Lets say I’m about 90% in love with it, which is still pretty high! 🙂

(please ignore the car – it’s not ours!)

more of a blur and I don’t remember much of it apart from catching up on work and spending time with my best friend, Megan, in the evening.

Friday – we found out that we pretty much have been accepted for the house so we just need to finish a few forms and hand in our notice to our little cottage! I must admit that as cold as it is here, with no garden or bathtub; I really am going to miss it. It has been our first house and is in such a beautiful location. It has known so much joy, warmth and love and you were created here. I have so many wonderful memories but now we must take the next adventure into moving house and making a home suitable for our little family-to-be. I’m more than excited for that 😀 We have another month here which is going to include lots of packing and making final arrangements so we should be in our new home by the beginning of April. We can then start settling in and preparing for your arrival!

We also told my sister, your auntie Christina, about you and she was very happy. It was your cousin William’s 8th birthday and when she explained to him what his “other birthday present” was; he got so excited and jumped up and down!

Today – I haven’t done a great deal, catching up on sleep and winding down after a busy week. Your grandad is visiting today to help with complicated garage-related-things that I know absolutely nothing about!

I’m going to climb back into bed as I’m not feeling too well this afternoon, get cosy and read a book or watch a movie.

Love always,
mumma xox


You are now the size of a wild strawberry! Your brand new teeny tiny internal organs are developing and are almost ready to start functioning on their own as you leave the days of embryo-hood. Your facial features are becoming more prominent as your eyes, lips and nose are starting to look more human-like! Your eyelids are in the process of fusing shut to protect your eyes and they probably won’t open again for several more months. You weigh a tiny 1.1 grams and your hair follicles have started to develop. 

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