February 12th, 2016

Dear little pea,

I’m feeling a little better today, now only nauseous in the evenings – hooray! The lemon and ginger tea is working an absolute treat for me and is currently my ultimate BFF. I managed to eat an actual meal last night that your wonderful daddy cooked for me. I need to tell you a secret – your father is totally the better chef in this household. I can just about manage a pasta bake so please don’t get your hopes up of amazing meals from mumma when your little body can eat solid food; that is all going to come from dad 😀 However I do make the best desserts and anything with the word cake in it (who’s the real winner here!)

I’m getting so impatient, knowing we have to wait several more months before we get to hold you and see your beautiful little face. Patience has never been my virtue but this is probably going to be the most difficult waiting ever! As much as I’m longing to see your face and hold your tiny hands, I’m looking forward to this journey; feeling you grow into the most perfect little human. Feeling you kick when your muscles get strong enough and talking to you so you will know our voices. Today is the first time I’ve spoken to you and it still feels so surreal to know that you’re in there. I can’t wait for you to grow into a little bump; at the moment it still just feels like a dream until I see it with my own eyes.

We’re planning on telling your grandparents this weekend about little you, all snug in my tummy. We’ve come up with this really cute idea on how to tell them (yes Pinterest is also my bff at the moment :p ) I’m so excited/nervous but I think it will be great 🙂

It’s not long until our first appointment with the midwife but I’m more excited for your first scan so we can see you. Actually there. Hearing your little heart beat. From how I’ve been recently, I can almost 99% guarantee that I will start bawling my eyes out so this is also a reminder to myself to wear waterproof make-up at this appointment. That is if I can even be bothered to put any on, it’s currently more of a chore than anything!

I was thinking earlier about my brother Nick, your uncle, and his partner Stephy (who I know will be the best auntie to you ever) She is a HUGE fan of Harry Potter so no doubt that at some point, you will be adorned in HP merchandise of some sort courtesy of her 😀 I found the cutest little baby-grow online that said “Auntie’s favourite Muggle” and as much as I love this; we all know that you’re going to be a little Hermione Granger, Harry Potter or maybe even a Ron Weasley because he has an awesome sense of humour much like your mum 😉

It also reminded me that your uncle is going away for the summer to France to do more training with his course and he won’t return until September. I hadn’t really thought much of it until today but I think I’m going to find it difficult knowing that he’s not going to be around for the majority of your growth which makes me feel pretty sad. I’m so glad that Stephy will be around though because I’m sure that she will miss him much, much more so we will have to be there for her too and we can all go shopping 😀

Your dad is going to be home from work soon and we reeeally need to go shopping because I MUST buy some pretzels, they’ve been on my mind all day!

Love always,
Mumma xox


Your head is (apparently) very large relative to the rest of your body and your brain is rapidly developing. Primitive blood has also begun to move through your tiny body. 


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